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The Easiest Marketing, Management & Follow-up System

Simple is Better. Easy is Smarter

Grow Your Business Faster and Easier

Simple is Better. Easy is Smarter.

Whether you are a business owner, a team leader involved with sales and marketing, an NPO, or someone who simply wants to connect people with your story, products or services, you need to take a look at this powerful, simple to use, all-in-one integrated marketing and training system.  This is designed with the non-technical person in mind and no training is needed.  You have a story to tell, and MyPowerNetwork helps you communicate your message more effectively.

What You Get

Contact Manager

  • Contact Manager
    See all of your client’s Contact info, notes, to-do’s, appointments, and more.
  • Email Blast
    Send an email to multiple contacts. Schedule your blast to go out later.
  • To-Do’s & Reminders
    To-Dos and reminders make it easy to follow up with your customers and clients.
  • Mail Merge
    Your letters and emails look professional, custom, and you can do it yourself in seconds.
  • Calendar

Unique Features

  • Team Collaboration
    This allows a small group of individuals to work together, sharing some aspects as a group and having some of their own individual settings.
  • Video Email
    Your video messages are more interesting, more personal and more people will watch your video emails.
  • Custom Newsletter
    Send your clients a monthly newsletter that is customized with your contact information.
  • Agenda Assistant
    The Agenda Assistant will send you an email each morning to tell you when you have appointments, to-do’s, client Birthdays and more.
  • Birthday Assistant
    The Birthday Assistant will automatically send your client a birthday email or set up a To Do to remind you of this important event.
  • Client Referral Tree
    See who has referred whom in an easy-to-read and understand Referral Tree.
  • To Do Plan
    Sometimes you have a series of to-do’s you want to schedule for a client. Like when they buy your widget, you want to call them and thank them on Day 1, have your fulfillment center send them a box of chocolates on Day 3, send them a “how-to” email on day 14, and then call them on Day 45.
  • Action Sets
    This is a great time saving tool that allows you to group several client activities into one simple sequence.

Marketing Automation

  • Landing Page Creator
    Make your own unlimited Landing Pages to capture contact info from your website visitors.
  • Auto-Responders
    Respond to your new leads quickly and automatically. They fill out a form and seconds later they get your email response, newsletter or FREE REPORT.
  • Email Drip Campaigns
    Set up automatic email campaigns that will go out at your pre-defined intervals.
  • Intelligent Links
    With Intelligent Links you can see who is clicking on what links. Then have it automatically update their contact record, stop and start autoresponders, and notify you via text or email.
  • Social Media Integration
    Social Connector will automatically search the web for your client’s social media sites and then display the results right there next to your contact.
  • Cloud File Attachments
    Store unlimited Word Docs, PDFs, Photos and more, right there on the All-in-One Contact Screen.
  • Deals Tracking
    Organize your sales details with your own customized Deal Tracking screens. Use them for any type of business in any industry: Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Auto Repair, Network Marketing, Dental, Chiropractic, Political Campaigns, Home Services, and more.


  • Voice Touch
    Advertise your product or service and invite your prospective customers to call a Free Recorded Message.
  • Text-To-Join
    This is a great way to load up your database with hot prospects. People will join your email lists VIA their mobile device.

What They Say

I have known Ron Holt for over 15 years and have experienced the best service and wonderful dedicated support from his top site team. His training online always keeps us informed of new products, services and education.  He really cares about us and has a proven track record. Paul Kupetsky

It has been a pleasure working with Ron Holt and his team.  They are very creative, helpful and take pride in the service they give their customers.  Every time I have contacted them with questions or needing help, they promptly get back to me and my team members.  I highly recommend their services. Jim McCune