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“We help you to Close
More Deals!”

Elder, Dr. Edwin Elam, The Team Closer,
Licensed NC Life Insurance Agent with
an Active Life License in 25+ States”.
-Creator of Theo-nomics & “Elam’s Axiom”
-a Polymath of several business disciplines
-Financial, Health & Wellness Advocate
-Advanced Small Business Tools Trainer
for Individuals & The Business Sector both
Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs
-a Powerful Professional Creator &
Information Clearinghouse Agent
-We are a Full-Service Ad Agency
-Researchers, Business Plans, & Graphics
-a One-Stop-Shop for Professionals
-a Marketing & Social Media Group
-Known for our FREE Customer Portal
-Proven Systems with Proven Returns
-Learn to Buy from Yourself  and You
will EARN More than Everybody Else!

Coordinated all activities @ The Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce for Small and Minority Businesses in the Memphis SMSA. Information Clearinghouse Services and Solution providers were linked-up to resolve mutual issues, and fulfill directives as called for in an Initiative launched by then (R)-Tennessee Governor: Lamar Alexander who is now a sitting U. S. Senator.

Highlights: Coordinated Town-Hall Meetings for Then U. S. Senator Jim Sasser (D-Tenn.) and U. S. Senator David Pryor (D-Ark.); Helped 1,000’s of Businesses through the Chamber’s Center; Helped many of the Initiatives brought to the State of Tennessee by the U. S. Congressman Harold E. Ford, Sr.

Every niche of the Memphis Business, Educational and Non-Profit Communities and many Others were addressed including Memphis In May, Inc., The Abe Scharff YMCA, and Then-Mayor – The Honorable Richard “Dick” Hackett.

The Accomplishments, Awards, and Vision Cast during this era are too numerous to mention here in this section.  “He’s been on the Same Track since age 9 and involved in “The Community.”

Edwin is well-traveled, trained & educated and has his Ordained Elder ministry credentials placed with an international ministry where he is Chief Overseer.  His passion:  Helping others to Build Retirement Strategies using Proven-methods through a Concept he calls, Theo-nomics, “Elam’s Axiom” and
“The 3rd Check” – Consultations Worldwide via Video Conferencing – Get a Free Website & Earn Same Day!
Dr. Elam is a Strategic Planner.  He is a Real Estate Developer, Business & Community Problem-Solver, and a Trained-Thinker in 7-Disciplines and has a unique take of Economic Development that includes the people being involved in this sector equal to the economic impact and representation in all sectors.  He is the author and developer of the “Feel The Vibes” Campaign which educates the people from the ground up, including being an Ütritionist, using World-Class Disruptive Technology with Global 3rd Party Providers!

Selected as The Firm of Choice by International companies that seek to do business in the USA by providing the ground-game research, & market visit(s) needed to connect buyer/business relationships globally!
We are The Premier Edutainment & Information Clearinghouse Model for Online Business Opportunities that have Global Appeal, Trend-formation Solutions & High-Income Potential for The Average Person who has desires & needs to do something to make it happen! We Pay Weekly and 100% Live Online Support, Motivation, Accountability, Resources & Training (SMART) via face-to-face Webinars, Emails or Phone & Text!  Our Daily Small Business Coaching has benefits and You Earn Money!

Edwin ran for Mayor of Waxhaw, NC in 2019 to rid his town of the corruption and the bad actors who had been extremely biased in the administration of their Oaths of Office. A sad 11% of the voting public voted complexion vs. correction… However, Mr. Elam was able to get positions heard that would have otherwise remained the same! Edwin Elam is skillful and outspoken on the issues to rid the Town of Waxhaw of its Jim Crow policies and is committed to bringing economic development to all people and not just some… This modern-day David met Goliath who was of a lying ilk of a time past… Edwin remains vigilant for the People!

Dr. Edwin Elam’s business interest worldwide allows him to speak up on important issues where spineless men & women dare not rock the boat because their options are limited, Dr. Elam challenges the status quo and the old-guard with the intent of helping all people, some don’t even know they are being left out!
I’m building an Economy where Customers benefit from those that come before & after you…! Powerful!

I’m building a Business Model that the World has never seen before, Not like this! We’ve got the Tools Now!
We work virtually and globally with clients and team members!  We work for and with the best of the best!
Clients pay us to help them SAVE MONEY & TIME!  We implement Profit Improvement Programs for them!

“Great Minds discuss ideas; Average Minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”.

Eleanor Roosevelt