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Edwin Elam Talks About The Mighty East Side of Waxhaw, NC – APPROVED!

Footnote: 4 years later 7/20/2020 Elam’s Vision becomes reality with a 4-0 Vote by the Waxhaw Planning Board, recommending approval of 78 Townhomes 4 Blocks from Historic Downtown Waxhaw!
Every evil lie and liar is already beaten who would seek to stop this Man of God who is on a Mission of Love & Legacy!  A $6Million Union County Sewer Upgrade was secured, An Estimated $25Million Development…  New Taxe Income to the Town of Waxhaw Estimated at $60,000 a year by this development!  The Economic Impact is in the Millions of Dollars!

Interviewed after The Event @Douglas Tappin’s Opera – “I Dream”

a fully-composed Opera about The Life and Time of One Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which came to our Community, Town of Waxhaw, NC, and did an excellent job of opening up a dialogue on diversity & inclusion…
Elam lands a concept he refers to as The HeirPort in Downtown Waxhaw – 12 Powerful Runways of Opportunity through his firm’s Worldwide Business Development Academy at 116 East South Main Street – Concourse A – in Historic Downtown Waxhaw – The first Marketing Firm there to offer cutting-edge app-technology and solutions worldwide!

The Town of Waxhaw had been holding the Jim Crow property of the 1940’s hostage for more than 80+ years (which his family-owned), and Elam solves the issue in under 5 years!

The “Learn & EARN Class” Subject Matter to include:  Wealth Building Strategies for families & youth, Understanding Civics & Community involvement and why it matters now… Why the building trades & training are coming back and the online learning movement including college online learning from More than 40 well-known Higher Learning institutions who host classes online… We will be offering Radio Broadcasting, Some Tutoring Services on-site & some online, Historical Reflection Lessons of the Past in several disciplines, and Master Planning Neighborhood Organizations & Economic Development for the future and positioning for your children’s children!  Also, Here’s Why Starting a Small Business from Home is a Smart Move to Help You Save on Taxes and Build Business Income:  Click & Learn…
Word-of-Mouth International BRAND Manager Team
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“As a Professional Business Developer who is diversified in our business interest. We work daily to develop & support our Global Customers who want to Shop from Home for High-Quality Products at a Low-Price. Thousands of Leaders trust our knowledge, skill & vision in the Health & Wellness Industry! I have traveled the world to educate myself in many disciplines using proven-systems to pay our Customers using proven strategic corporate relationships and their company materials. We have become an expert and master at this new information technology and where the world of business & income is moving… It’s Click & Order vs Brick & Mortar!, Click & Learn then Share & EARN, also, Invest in Youtailers vs Retailers… We are simply Shifting the Money Back to You and Your household now…” -Get Your OWN FREE Customer Web Portal Today! – Email: elamphd@gmail.com OR Cell: 404.593.3702 – I train 100+ new customers every month all online! –Dr. Edwin Elam, (an Ordained Elder in an International Ministry) also 40+ years of study & experience in the sales & marketing field, “I’ve seen them all.” (*You, your Team, Your Social Circle, Your Business, Church, or Organization can Win with our Strategic Placement in our company: FREE! No Monthly Fees & No Monthly Requirements, No Membership Fees, and No Autoship Required! We’ve Solved the issues of Networking! “You don’t even need a Credit CARD”) and We provide Free Training Online and there are (4) Warehouses that service the USA and We are Global, We are ahead of the entire economy forecast! Any person that does not know The Henrietta Lacks Story and her “HeLa Cells” could be dealing with issues that Science has already solved!  “We have Solutions!” Our superior knowledge & skills, education, experience, Information Clearinghouse concept, and a $3Billion Global Company in advanced health technologies makes us your best choice for providing you the best public domain resources and a proven system to help your financial health as well.  We set you up in 7mins worldwide!

“The True Sign of Intelligence Is Not Knowledge, But Imagination” Albert Einstein

Physicist, Noble Prize Winner


Located in Historic Downtown Waxhaw, NC

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