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Elder, Dr. Edwin Elam, The Closer
-Creator of www.edwinelam.org
-Health & Wellness Advocate
-Advanced Small Business Tools
also for Churches & Individuals

Coordinated all activities @ The Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce for small and Minority Businesses in the Memphis SMSA. Information Clearinghouse Services and Solution providers were linked-up to resolve mutual issues, and fulfill directives as called for in an Initiative launched by then (R)-Tennessee Governor: Lamar Alexander who is now a sitting U. S. Senator.

Highlights: Coordinated Town-Hall Meetings for Then U. S. Senator Jim Sasser (D-Tenn.) and U. S. Senator David Pryor (D-Ark.); Helped 1,000’s of Businesses through the Chamber’s Center; Helped many of the Initiatives brought to the State of Tennessee by then U. S. Congressman Harold E. Ford, Sr.

Every niche of the Memphis Business, Educational and Non-Profit Communities and many Others were addressed including Memphis In May, Inc., The Abe Scharff YMCA, and Then Mayor – The Honorable Richard “Dick” Hackett.

The Accomplishments, Awards, and Vision Cast during this era are too numerous to mention here in this section.  He’s been on the Same Track since age 9 and involved in “The Community.”

Edwin is well-traveled, trained & educated and has his Ordained Elder ministry credentials placed with an international ministry where is Chief Overseer.
Dr. Elam is a Strategic Planner.  He is a Real Estate Developer, Business & Community Problem-Solver and a Trained-Thinker in 7-Disciplines and has a unique take of Economic Development that includes the people being involved in this sector equal to the economic impact and representation in all sectors.  He is the author and developer of the “Feel The Vibes” Campaign which educates the people from the ground up!

“Great Minds discuss ideas; Average Minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”.

Eleanor Roosevelt